What if you are holding the piece that I’m looking for?

The Oracle is a semi-structured ritual space for collective reflection and processing around what is alive in the group. It’s a group process that has many uses and is capable of showing us layers of truth that perhaps we were not aware of previously.


‘Be the vessel of the truth’


The Oracle grew from a need for processing and nurturing group culture within a community setting. It comes from the vision that the group and the individual can function as a kind of oracle tapping in to a collective intuition and showing us truths we might otherwise not.

It was created by Lina (Queralt Jorba) and DeeJay (Dr.Daniel Hayes) in 2019 during the first year of the Vidàlia eco-village that they founded in an abandoned company-town outside of Barcelona. During a collective process and in collaboration with a small group of Contact Improvisers and other community members in a search of shared practices that could support the community, a first seedling of what would later become The Oracle was created.

‘Wich reality am I feeding?’

It builds on and mixes a number process oriented modalities and embodied practices looking for a dynamic and open container that encourages emergence of what’s alive in the group. Elements of the following practices can be found in the Oracle: Family Constellations, Authentic Movement, Theatre of the Oppressed, ZEGG forum, Circling, and more.

The container has, since those first few playful explorations at Vidalia, rooted and grown considerably. It is also still alive and open to follow a natural evolution as feedback is received and insight is gained as to its strengths and weaknesses.

How can I contribute to a deeper understanding of life?

THE ORACLE process